Drunk nights with my soulmate


Why are white people still pointing their finger, shaking their neck and saying: “Oh no they didn’t?” as comedy?

Loving someone who cannot love you the same way in return is not weakness. It’s one of the most courageous things you’ll ever do. You are putting your armour at their feet and you are saying ‘I will not fight you in this. I have loved you and that means that I have already won.’

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That time two months ago I almost didn’t make it …. Praise God for restoring my sanity



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I just wanna make you feel complete

At peace

I just want someone to wake up

And want me


So me lol
Stay single, fall in love with yourself first. Don’t buy into the hype. Don’t lie to get someone’s body. Don’t fool yourself into a relationship. Be clear about what you want. Make sure it isn’t a decision stemmed from loneliness. Be honest about what you need. Be honest about what you have to offer. Be satisfied with not getting what you want. Don’t manipulate. Open communication. Be blunt. Be respectful. Be happy with or without someone. Know whether you’re in bed with a one-night stand or at the pulpit for marriage, that you didn’t lie to yourself or someone else to get there.

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